A Needed Reminder

Sometimes I treat God like a spouse who I am just giving obligatory time to. I show up for the date nights but then live this married life without Him. Maybe you can relate. There are days where I spend time reading the Word and uttering a few prayers before rushing into my day, only to completely forget that I am living this day with Him. He is the One giving me each breath I take. He is the One I am to be serving and loving and thinking about. 

While a relationship with Christ does consist of reading my Bible and praying, those things are not the end goal; God is. Bible reading and prayer are just tools to help me in knowing Him better.

Our earthly marriages are similar. I would never say that date nights are all that my marriage consists of. While they are good and extremely helpful, they do not make up the bulk of the day/week/month. No, most of married life is spent in the sharing of everyday moments, walking and talking with my spouse.

Our union to Christ is the same. Our relationship with Him is not made up entirely of early morning devotions. No, we walk together through the good and the bad, the big and the small. He is ever-present with us whether we’re desperately asking for His help or praising Him for His goodness. We can praise, worship and enjoy Him all throughout our day for He is always with us. Best of all, He has promised that He will never leave or forsake us. It’s a life-long, eternal commitment. We are His bride. He is our Bridegroom.