Helping Your Friend Move

Our family recently went through the process of selling our old home and buying a new one. It was a crazy time of showings, inspections, paperwork and packing. Our new house was in need of some TLC before we could move into it and many of our friends were right there alongside us as we cleaned, painted and moved. We couldn’t have done it without them! Today I thought I’d share some of the things I discovered to be extremely helpful to someone going through the moving process. Trust me, your support and encouragement can make a huge difference! 

1. Pray for them. Moving is draining, both physically and emotionally, and your friends need the extra prayer support from you. Pray that they will have extra energy. Pray that they will have extra patience with their kids. Pray that they would have extra compatibility/humility towards their spouse as they work together on a lot of decisions/details. 

2. Ask if you can come over and wash the dishes for them while they work on packing.

3. Offer to bring some food for any cleaning/moving helpers they may have on moving day, etc. Let your friends know you will bring fresh fruit, bottled water, a veggie tray, etc. for everyone so your friends have one less thing to worry about during this process. 

4. Provide them a meal. Drop off soup and bread. Stick a freezer meal in the freezer that they can pull out on a day when they are so busy unpacking/setting things up that they don’t have time to restock groceries. 

5. Give them gift cards for Subway, Little Caesars, etc. 

6. Supply them with a huge supply of paper plates, cups and plastic silverware. This will come in handy over a time when the dishes are packed in boxes, but it will also help to ease the load in the days following the move when your friends would rather be hanging those curtain rods instead of doing dishes. 

7. Put together a housewarming basket with practical things like dish soap, scrubbing pads, toilet bowl cleaner, tape, a candle, etc. Your friends  may not know where some of those items got off to during the move and having someone to supply these things can really help make everything seem a little more like home for them. 

8. Offer to help babysit their kids. 

9. Tell them you want to help with cleaning/packing/moving and that they are to just give you the time and place and you’ll be there! Repeat your offer so they can remember and know you meant it. 

10. Offer to come over after the moving day to help them unpack boxes and move furniture. 

11. Ask what they need from the store, whether it’s the hardware or grocery store, and offer to pick it up for them on your way over.

12. Show them you care! Ask how everything is going. Ask how they are feeling with all the changes and if there is anything else they need that you might not have thought of.