5 Games you can modify to play with your young child

Our oldest daughter (age 3) loves games! And of course, she wants to play mommy and daddy’s games, not just ones designed for her age level. My initial response was to say “no”, but as we opened the box and began to look at the pieces ideas come to mind of how we could adapt the rules to make a fun and  educational game for us to do together.

The perk about playing with a toddler is you really don’t have to keep score, just praise them when they get the concept or make a good move and they will beam!

1. Uno

Uno is a perfect game to start with for your toddler! Start with 3 cards each and play as you normally would. This game is perfect for encouraging them to remember their numbers and colors! If your kiddo is still learning his numbers/colors, place the cards face-up and help them choose the right card to play.

2. Dutch Blitz

Dutch Blitz is another great one for working with your toddler on colors and numbers 1-10! Divide the cards in half (or how many players you may have), make stacks of each number or stacks of 1-10 until the stacks are gone. Eventually you can start to play this game according to the original rules!

3.   Memory (use any card set)

Using any card set, place cards upside-down, take turns flipping the cards over to find a match (color, number or pattern). Whoever gets the most sets wins!

4.  Dice Games

Using as many dice as you want, roll at the same time as your toddler, have your toddler count to see who rolled the highest number.

5.       Code Names (Pictures)

This is probably one of our favorites! Lay out Code Name picture cards as you normally would, start with you saying a word that describes one of the cards, see if your toddler can figure out what one you have in mind. Once your kiddo grasps the concept, take turns describing a card with one word. It’s fun to see what aspect of the picture your toddler sees and describes!


I hope these ideas inspire you to adapt the games you have around your house to play with your toddler! Games are a fantastic way to incorporate learning activities into the day. Games also provide an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your kiddo!


~ Rachel