Windowsill Green Onions


My mom has always been an avid gardener.

I think it was therapy for her to go out into the garden all my herself and putter in the soil.

And she could make pretty much anything grow!

Well….God made it grow of course.

But really, she could take just a snipping of something, plant it and it would not die!

Gardening is something I want to try my hands out more on in the future but for now I am enjoying a couple planters of flowers and indoor green onions!

Often a recipe would call for green onions and I would leave them out because I would only use a few of them and end up throwing out the majority. However, I realized I could just keep them growing and always have them on hand for that occasional recipe or to throw in some eggs or on a salad!

When you buy green onions at your local produce store, they come all intact with their root system!

When you are ready to use them in your cooking just leave about two inches above the roots uncut.

Place a paper towel in the bottom of a clear glass or jar.

Fill jar/glass with a quarter inch of water.

Place in your window.

Watch them grow!

It’s as simple as that!

Change out the paper towel and add fresh water from time to time or when you notice that your jar is drying out.

They keep growing like grass!

Enjoy your own little “garden”!


~ Rachel