Outdoor activities for your young children

We all know that our kids are happier and sleep better when they have gotten outside for some play time!

Here are some outdoor activities that we have done with our kiddos.

  1. Sidewalk chalk – Our kids spend hours outside drawing!
  2. Outside Bath Station – gather your kiddos plastic animals or dolls and a bucket of soapy water and let them “bathe” them and set them in the sun to dry. Or set up a “car wash” for their toy cars.
  3. Toy Ice Block- Fill a gallon ice cream container with water. Add a whole bunch of small plastic toys. Place in freezer until frozen. Loosen ice block from container by pouring warm water over it. Take outside and let your kids chisel away at the ice block in an effort to get their toys out. This will keep them entertained for hours while also keeping them nice and cool on a very hot day. 
  4. Make a water balloon pinata that kids can take turns trying to burst!
  5. Brown sugar can be used as sand for a fun (and tasty!) activity. Just hose all that stickiness off afterwards!
  6. Fill a bucket with water and give your kids big paintbrushes to dip and use on the sidewalk/driveway for a mess-free painting session that cleans up all by itself!
  7. Gather any large bowls/containers that you own, along with some measuring cups. Fill several bowls with water and let your child spend hours transferring water to other containers using the provided measuring cups. 
  8. Take your children on a scavenger hunt where they are to collect as many shades of green that they can find in leaves, grass, petals, etc.
  9. Play “I SPY” as you go for a walk. 
  10. Take lunch to the backyard for a picnic.
  11. Go on a nature walk.
  12. Make a water slide using an old tarp and your hose. (Use Johnsons tearless baby shampoo to make an extra slippery surface!) 
  13. Check online for all the parks in your area and try out one or two you don’t normally go to. Invite a friend along! 

Enjoy making memories with your kids this summer!