Ways to Show Hospitality

The Bible tells us in Romans 12:13 that we are to “contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.” It’s a two-fold command. We often think of hospitality only in terms of having someone over for a meal or hosting people overnight. However, hospitality may also be seen in a simple act of service. So, here are some of our collective ideas for practicing service and hospitality to those around us on a day to day basis.


Hospitality Outside the Home

  • Deliver a meal to someone.
  • Pick up some groceries for someone when you are already out shopping.
  • Write a note of encouragement to a shut-in from your church.
  • Invite a mom friend over for a play-date or walk to the park.
  • Drop off flowers to someone who has lost a loved one.
  • Buy a box of diapers for a family who has just had a baby.
  • Write a note or send a small gift to someone in prison.
  • Invite someone to share a picnic lunch at the park with your family after church.
  • Send a box of goodies to a missionary family.
  • Initiate going for a walk with someone while your kids are contained in strollers and where you’re likely to have less interrupted conversations.


Hospitality Within the Home

  • Invite your retired neighbors over to bake cookies with you.
  • Invite missionaries on furlough to stay with you.
  • When you have guests staying one or two nights with you write a welcoming message on a piece of paper and then include your internet password info, invite them to make use of the washer/dryer, tell them to help themselves to the refrigerator, etc.
  • Watch a busy mom’s kids for an hour so she can get a hot shower or a nap.
  • Plan a game-night for the singles in your church.
  • Invite a teenage girl over for the day and seek to have intentional conversation. Put kids down for nap, make up some hot tea and settle onto the couch for a heart-to-heart with her.
  • Consider establishing a “soup night” each week, making a big pot of soup and then inviting a family over for food and fellowship. (Some good friends have even turned this into an “all are welcome” kind of soup night.)
  • Prepare an extra amount of food for Sunday lunch and invite a family that visited church that morning.


Hospitality with Neighbors

  • Host a neighborhood cookie/hot drink night and read Luke 2 with them around Christmas time.
  • Host a neighborhood “open house” in your driveway, serving lemonade and goodies.
  • Take homemade treats to those on your street.
  • Invite your neighbors to come sit and chat with you while you watch your kids play in the backyard.


These ideas are just a few ways that we can seek to show hospitality to those around us. Whatever avenue you may choose to work out your hospitality in, (whether it’s one listed here or one of your own) just remember that this is important work we are doing. We are obeying God’s commands and reflecting Christ’s love and example as we serve one another!