Ways Children are a Blessing

We often hear that “children are a blessing from the Lord.” And it is true: Scripture itself tells us so in Psalms 127:3. However, the reality that God calls children a blessing doesn’t automatically mean that they are always easy to care for, since children are often messy, time-consuming, and physically draining. For this reason, it is easy to lose sight of the reality children are, indeed, a blessing from the Lord!

To give a better perspective on the tension between the reality of a blessing and the work involved, consider the idea of a home: we would say that having a home is a blessing. Yet there is work and upkeep involved with having one.

We would also say that having food is a blessing. But again, there is work and prep involved every time we put a meal on the table.

So how are children a blessing to us? How do they influence our lives in a unique way?

To help remind ourselves of the big picture, here are some ways we’ve found our children to bring greater joy and blessing to our day-to-day routines:

  • They give us something outside of ourselves to care for.
  • They expose to us who we really are on the inside.
  • They reveal to us a little aspect of how God feels towards His children, both when we please Him and when we displease Him.
  • They are a captive audience for whatever we teach them.
  • They are God’s physical reminder to us of what we are to Him as His children.
  • They keep us humble.
  • They help us be more responsible.
  • They remind us that every child is God’s special blessing and not to be taken for granted.
  • Their imagination makes us smile or even laugh out loud.
  • They love unconditionally.
  • They readily give hugs and kisses.
  • They remind us of our need of God’s grace.
  • They smile and laugh.
  •  They bring new wonder and awe to otherwise old and familiar experiences.
  • They say the funniest things.
  • They provide company during lonely times.
  • They provide an easy avenue for getting to know new people.
  • They point out details (such as a flying bird, a pretty flower, etc) we’re sometimes too busy to notice.
  • They ask questions that make us think deeper than we have in a while.
  • They add joy to every day.
  • They bring delight to the faces of older people in a store.
  • Their childlike faith is an example to us.
  • They bring delight to us each time they learn a new skill.

The next time we feel weary of the parenting journey, let’s look for the ways these children have filled our lives. We will find that God does not lie: children are indeed a blessing from Him.