Ideas for Organization

Books upon books have been written on cleaning, decluttering and organizing.  It seams every housewife, and certainly moms, are interested in ideas for orderly spaces. Here are some tips from the three of us to you.


  • Use square plastic baskets for small things such as pickle jars, dressings, creamer, jam etc: this helps keeps them all in one place. The basket can then be pulled out when looking for something in the back.  
  • Keep perishable produce all together in a plastic basket in plain sight; use drawers for non perishable items such as cheese, tortillas, etc. If you can see the produce every time you open the fridge, it is more likely you’ll use it before it rots. And unlike produce that might get forgotten in the back of a drawer, cheese and tortillas probably won’t get forgotten in a drawer!
  • Can’t find something? If your fridge has see-through shelves, try looking up through the shelf from underneath before you unload everything to get to the back. Looking up through the bottom of the shelf allows you to see what all is stacked on the shelf from a different angle.  
  • Label leftovers with a name and date. Have at least one meal a week where you serve leftovers.
  • Menu plan at the beginning of the week. Prep as much as you can in the morning or at lunch time for dinner. Double a meal and put in freezer for an easy supper later.


  • Clothes – Fold clothes and stack behind each other, like files in a filing drawer, instead of stacking pieces of clothing on top of each other. When clothing is lined up in front of each other, it is easier to see all of the clothes at a glance. No more digging underneath clothes to get to something at the bottom.

I started doing this with my toddler’s clothes and it has made a huge difference in helping keep the drawers from exploding every time I looked for an outfit. This also is much more space-efficient: I am able to store most of my toddler’s clothes in a 4-drawer plastic storage tote.

  • Toys- Use old deli containers with snap on lids to store crayons, rubberbands, little toy pieces like animals or legos,  etc. These keep things organized and safe from toddlers who can’t open them yet.
  • Buy large flat bins that can fit under beds for additional storage space.
  • Place old shoe or jewelry boxes in drawers to help separate socks, tights, underwear, bibs, bows, etc.

Living Room:

  • Keep a basket to contain kids books. Sometimes kids can have a hard time getting books lined up neatly on a bookshelf but placing them in a basket can be an easy way for them to help with clean up time.


  • Cut the top off of a cereal box. Put a plastic bag in it and wah-lah! You have a perfect trash can to fit between two front seats or in the side of your car door.
  • Keep a small bin for collecting random books/toys/other paraphernalia that somehow manages to make its way into the vehicle. Every weekend make it a habit to carry bin into the house and empty it.

This and That:

  • Cut an X in the lid of an empty coffee can or oatmeal container and stuff all your grocery bags inside. A lot of bags can be packed in and one easily pulled out when you need a liner for your bathroom trash can or for a stinky diaper.
  • Use Ziploc bags or small zippered pouches for your purse or diaper bag to help keep things contained. Use one for loose pens, one for bobby pins, one for makeup, one for baby’s extra set of clothes, etc.
  • Take the inside of a toilet paper roll and cut it one time longwise. Slide over wrapping paper rolls to keep them from constantly unrolling.
  • Mail- Open up mail by trash can and immediately throw away junk mail.

It’s always helpful to find a “home” for thinks around the house, ways to eliminate the little hassles (like unrolled paper towels), and make your day run smoother! We would love to glean ideas from you! Feel free to leave us a comment!

We hope you find joy in taking care of your home today!