Helping Sunday Mornings Be Less Stressful

I sat in our minivan, finally heading down the driveway, a furrow across my brow, frustration in my heart, stress in my mind and exasperation in my voice.

This is NOT how I wanted my Sunday morning to begin….

It’s SUNDAY, we are going to Church….

My heart should be prepared for  worship and fellowship.

But it’s irritated and frazzled.


Most of all it is my sinful heart that gives into frustration and anger.

Partly it is my lack of planning.

Partly it is my lack of communication with my husband who so desires to help but can’t read the mental to-do-list that floats in my brain.

If I was a betting woman I would have bet cold hard cash that this would be the scenario every single Sunday. Week after week this went on.

I wanted it to change!

After taking it to God and talking it through with Jeremiah here are some things that help calm my heart on Sunday mornings and make the day run more smoothly.

1. Pray

– When I am intentional about communing with God in prayer about Sunday morning the night before and during the morning preparation my heart is in a much better condition to deal with all the curve balls and pressing responsibilities.

– Ask God for wisdom! He promises to give it (James 1). Ask Him, that if it would be His will He would take the reins and help things to fall in place but if not that He would give you the right heart attitude to face them and deal with them wisely.

2. Set yourself up for success Saturday night

-If I take the time to set out our kids clothes then my husband is beyond willing to take the responsibilities of getting them all dressed for church.

– Set out my clothes. Taking a few minutes to choose what I’m going to wear to church saves time and eliminates indecisiveness for the next morning!

-Clean my kitchen that night. Cleaning my kitchen after each meal is not a strong point for me but a cluttery kitchen frazzles me so much when I am under pressure. Taking time to straighten up our kitchen Saturday evening makes Sunday mornings that much nicer.

3. Keep Sunday breakfast simple

-If we could just fast all day Sunday that would help a lot! Ok, ok, so I used to make a nice breakfast every Sunday morning: pancakes, french toast, eggs, or hash browns. Breakfast food is some of my favorite but when I chose to keep Sunday breakfast simple it was a big help to keep things rolling towards getting out the door on time! And when I mean simple…I mean we eat the same thing every Sunday – granola and milk or yogurt. Not only is it already made but my husband also now knows what we will always be eating and he can get the kids going without even having to ask.

4. Plan ahead for Sunday lunch

– I noticed that I was a lot less stressed if I knew we had a fellowship meal at church or knew we were eating lunch with friends. Along with my cluttery kitchen, not knowing what we are going to eat for lunch frazzled me. We are all tired and hungry when we reach home after church and not knowing what we were eating or having to take another 40 minutes to get a meal on the table boiled in the back of my brain before we even left for church. Having a meal in the crock pot or planning to eat quick quesadillas is huge in making the day less overwhelming.

5. Make lists

-You can label me a “list person” and it won’t bother me at all! Lists save the day on Sundays. I always have a list of what needs to be done before we can leave the house and a list of everything we need to take, from the baby’s binky, to Bibles, to offering, or to a side dish for a group meal.

  • I hope these tips can help make Sundays less stressful and more worshipful for you and your family! If you have any ideas or tips PLEASE leave them in the comments below!
  • Pray, plan and be peaceful on your Sunday morning!
  • – Rachel