3 Bible Study Methods That Have Helped Me Stay Focused

I look up from the page and realize that I’ve read verses and verses but have no comprehension of what it was I just read….

Feel frustrated at myself.

Why is it so hard to keep my mind from wandering to unrelated situations or things that I need to do later in the day?

Spending time in God’s Word is precious to me and I want to be able to have that time uninterrupted!

You too?

Here are some things that I found help me stay focused as I spend time in God’s Word!


Buy a lined notebook.

Crease each page in half.

Scribe the Scripture on the left hand side.

Use the right side to jot down notes and thoughts as you go!

This method, though tedious, really causes you to think about each word!

Sometimes I read too fast, or I think I know what the verse is going to say next and I miss things!

I have written out many books using this study method and notice so much more!


Using Online Bible, E-Sword, or another electronic Bible source: copy the passage you desire to study into a WordDoc, take out chapter and verse divisions, print it out.

Invest in a nice set of colored pencils.

Draw lines to matching themes.

Mark key words with special shapes.



Jot notes in the margins!

Study the passage and mark up those pages!

TIP: The King James Version is a great one to use for this kind of studying! Though this version uses older English and can be a bit hard to understand if you are not used to it; when translating the Hebrew and Greek words the KJV is the most (though not entirely) consistent in using the same English word each time that Greek or Hebrew word is used. Thus, it is a lot easier to see patterns in word usages as you study! I love to see patterns and themes throughout God’s Word!


I know some people do not like to write in their Bibles and that is totally understandable. However, I do not believe that it is dishonoring to do so. It is honoring to God when we study His Word!

Invest in a Bible that has wide margins or a journal Bible for the purpose of writing and marking it up! I have another Bible that I never write in. I use this one when I want to just read without my jottings distracting me. But I love my study Bible…it feels like home to me!

When you research something, write it in the margin. Later on down the road you may be in need of a quick go-to for a devotional…you have info and research right there with the passage!

It is also fun to look back and see what I have learned over the years!

TIP: The paper of most Bibles is thin and hard to write on without ink bleeding. I use Micron Pens! They do not bleed and you can get super fine tips that write legibly and tiny! You can get themĀ HERE on Amazon or Michael’s Crafts, Hobby Lobby! You can get them in lots of colors too!!

I hope these ideas can help you as you spend precious time in God’s Word!

~ Rachel

Do you have any study methods that have helped you? Please share in the comments!!