Prayer and Bible Study Resources

Looking for a fresh way to spend time with God?

Wanting to have a better understanding of His Word?

Desiring to know God more?

Having a hard time with it?

Feeling stagnant?

If there’s one thing I’ve (Chrystal) learned over six and a half years of marriage it’s that good relationships take intentionality. My husband and I enjoy doing certain dates over and over again because it’s just downright comfortable and requires little planning on our part. (And I’m thankful for the comfort and steady consistency of those kinds of dates or else I don’t think we’d be getting out very much! 😉

However, there are also times when trying something new can grow us closer in an entirely different way; we learn something new about each other that we didn’t expect simply because we’re in a new setting.

I would suggest to you that my relationship with God is no different. I often spend time with Him in the same way each day because it’s just comfortable and steady. But sometimes, trying something new can be an extremely helpful way to “shake things up” and give me fresh motivation in my pursuit of God.

Yes, God’s Word and prayer are the primary means through which we pursue Him, but I believe our approaches to these tools can be different:

Going to a coffee shop and spending time with God like I would with any other friend.

Turning on music and stopping long enough to listen to the truths being shared.

Reading a book that grows me in my understanding of how to approach scripture.

Turning on a recording of the Bible as I wash dishes.

Writing down my prayers.

Memorizing some new songs and humming them throughout the day.

Carrying around verse cards that help me to hide God’s Word in my heart.

Trying out some new colored pens to mark notes in my Bible.

The list could go on and on. And whatever method I (or you!) may choose, the goal remains the same. Pursue God. He is worth knowing!

So, if you feel like you need a new way to pursue Him in the coming year, check out some of the compiled resources below that Angie, Rachel and I have all found helpful in our walks with Him.

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 Women of the Word

This is a helpful book that drives home the importance of spending time in the Word & studying it for oneself! In a clear & easy to understand format, this book breaks down the process of how to study the Bible. Aimed at women, Wilkin reminds us of the need to grow in studying God’s Word so that we can know Him more & in turn, love Him more.


Praying the Bible

Another resource for appreciating the riches of God’s Word, “Praying the Bible” will open your eyes to the potential of using God’s inspired Word to fuel your prayer life.  This book is an easy but profound read and will give fresh motivation to cultivating the discipline of spending time in prayer with the Lord.


Taking God at His Word

This little book elevates the sufficiency, clarity, authority, and necessity of the Bible to such an extent that you cannot miss the point that the Bible is the Word of God and that only from Scripture can we grow to know Him better! This book is a fantastic read!”


Hymns: Modern and Ancient 

We are commanded many times in scripture to sing praises to God. Using a hymnal can be a great tool to help us with this call to worship. This particular hymnal is a unique blend of old and new songs that will help you to reflect on truths about God


The Word of Promise: New Testament – Bible on Audio

I highly recommend this recording of the New Testament. Sound effects and varying voices are used for different characters throughout each chapter, helping to bring the Bible to life.



Simply copy down Scripture. That’s what they used to do in Bible times, and that is the premise for Journibles. It may sound simplistic, but the process of writing out a book of the Bible has rewards that can only be understood once you have done it.


Journal Bible

A Journal Bible is a beautiful tool for men or women to observe and meditate on truths as they use the black space on each page for note taking or sketching art that correlates with Biblical truth!


Micron Pens

These no smear, no bleed pens are perfect for marking and making notes in your Bible as you study.



We hope these resources and tools will be a blessing to you as you grow in your relationship with Jesus through His Word and Prayer!