Bible Reading Plans


How do I get into the Word? It’s a question we as mom’s ask ourselves all the time. Around the New Year is when a lot of people start asking that question and setting goals for the upcoming year ahead. Today we want to share with you some plans that we have used, or want to use, to help us be consistently in the Word! 

The Five Day Reading Plan

This plan allows for 5 days of reading and 2 days break each week. This is so helpful for staying on scheduled! In 2017 I (Rachel) really wanted to use this plan, but with a toddler and another on the way at that time I knew I needed to set an attainable goal in order to carry through. So I used The Five Day Reading Plan and just did the Old Testament. I really enjoyed spending more time in the Old Testament seeing God’s great plan unfold, His faithfulness and seeing Jesus at work even before He became flesh.

The 5 Minutes A Day – New Testament Ready Plan

This one looks good to me (Chrystal)! Sounds like an achievable goal for a busy Mom who needs a little encouragement to start afresh in spending time with God.  The 5X5X5 New Testament Reading Plan from the Navigators allows for 5 minutes a day, 5 days and week and gives you 5 ways to did deeper as you read!

Chronological Reading Plan

Chronological reading plans are unique because they order events and books according to the time they happened or when the particular book is written. Thus, in a chronological plan, for example, you read all the events of the life of David side-by-side, along with various Psalms mixed in. Or when you get to the Major Prophets, these books fit in between events recounted in the Kings and Chronicles, thus helping all the pronouncements of judgment being made makes a lot more sense!

The Chronological approach is really helpful in getting a mental grasp on how all the historical events, Old Testament prophecies, poetic literature, New Testament epistles and so on fit together as a whole!
I’ve (Angie) enjoyed using the  Back to the Bible’s Chronological Reading Plan.

Read through the Bible in a Year

Reading through the Bible in a year is one of the classic goals for Bible reading. It is a good goal…and a very do-able one as well. It just takes some intentionality and discipline to keep up-to-date.

There are a variety of approaches for reading through the Bible in a year. My (Angie) favorite has been The Discipleship Journal Reading Plan  that my parents introduced me to way back when I was in grade school. It’s unique characteristic is that it allows five days at the end of each month to catch up. If you’re going to be strict with yourself about actually accomplishing this goal, having catch-up days for when you’re sick or have company or life with toddlers is just a crazy adventure, five extra days each month is really nice! This 25-days a month reading plan is something even a grade-school aged child can do.

We hope that 2019 will be a year that each one of us is able to dive into God’s Word, be refreshed by His truth, by knowing His character and love for the world!