Gospel Centered Gift Ideas (mostly books)


Jesus Christ, the greatest gift ever given!

Every December we celebrate Jesus Christ coming to earth as a baby, born in the little town of Bethlehem. We think of the wise men that brought Him kingly gifts. Ultimately, we think of the gift of salvation He offers because of His death and resurrection.

What could be more appropriate than giving a gift this Christmas that points to the greatest gift ever given and the reason for celebrating?!


 Simply copy down Scripture. That’s what they used to do in Bible times, and that is the premise for Journibles. It may sound simplistic, but the process of writing out a book of the Bible has rewards that can only be understood once you have done it.




The Garden the Curtain and the Cross

The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross portrays with certain weightiness how sin entered the world, how God dwelt among His people, and how the Israelites were forbidden access into the Holy of Holies, God’s very presence. Over and over, the phrase is repeated “but because of your sin, you can’t come in.” It is beautiful to read how the believer now has access to the Father through Christ’s death. The illustrations in this book are delightful and the message will bring fresh joy and awe even to the parent’s heart while they read it to their children.

God’s Very Good Idea 

With charming illustrations, God’s Very Good Idea depicts how God created each person differently, but how each person—no matter how different they may be—can be a part of God’s wonderful family, the Church. The detailed pictures in this book are fantastic, and once again, the message of the Gospel is written in such a way that adults can appreciate God’s Very Good Idea just as much as children will. Every home should have this book.

Children’s Christmas Carols  – Children love hearing other kids sing! Mix up your Christmas playlist with these classic Christmas carols for children. There is even the option of purchasing unlimited streaming if you prefer that method.


The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible

The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible is a excellent resource for teaching children the Gospel message: with simple narratives and bold illustrations, each story stays true to the Biblical account and does not elaborate with extra-Biblical details to make the story more exciting. However, it does not dumb down important lessons such as the need for the Passover Lamb or the truth that Jesus really is God. In fact, one of the best features of this book is the main question at the end of each lesson that parents can use to drive home a Gospel truth. Each lesson presenting Gospel truths in a simple, yet accurate way so even the very young child can understand.

Fisher-Price Nativity

Children are always intrigued with nativity sets but they are often a hands-off item. This nativity is a perfect Christmas gift for young ones. Take time to tell your kiddo the Christmas story using these little figures or give them one piece a day leading up to Christmas with baby Jesus given on Christmas day!

Journal Bible
A Journal Bible is a beautiful tool for men or women to observe and meditate on truths as they use the blank space on each page for note taking or sketching art that correlates with Biblical truth!


My Creative Bible

A lot like a Journal Bible, My Creative Bible, has a wealth of blank area for notes and creative inspiration along with existing artwork of key verses ready to be colored in. I know many tween/teen girls who would enjoy a Bible like this!


We are always looking for ideas and would love to hear your recommendations for Gospel centered gifts! We hope you have a wonderful time sharing gifts with one another as you celebrate the Greatest Gift ever given!