Introducing Thankful Thursday

Since the very beginning of time, the human race has exhibited its propensity for discontentment: in the garden of Eden, where all of creation was in its state of exquisite perfection and where Adam and Eve had everything they could ever desire at their immediate disposal, Eve surrendered to the temptation to be discontent with such perfection. Eve decided she wanted something more than what God had given her. As a result, she and Adam acted on this discontentment. The simple act of taking that single bite from the forbidden fruit is the event that changed this world forever.

Today, thousands of years later, we’re still suffering the consequences of that single act of discontentment.

Discontentment. It is still around today: Our social networks of Facebook, Pinterest, and the picture-perfect mommy blogs often contribute to our tendency to be unhappy with what we have. All too regularly, when I open any one of these websites, I find myself feeling grumpy, annoyed, and irritated with anything and everything around me.


I believe it is because I willingly buy into the lie of discontentment. I convince myself that if only I were as organized as this person, if I could write as well as that person, or if I were the thrifty and creative homemaker like this other person, I would be oh, so much happier than I am right now.

But I cannot blame Facebook, Pinterest, or blogs (or anything or anyone else for that matter) for this tendency to be discontent with my life. Rather, can I propose that this attitude of discontentment is simply the product of my lack of thankfulness to God for what He God has already so richly provided for me—be those things physical, emotional, or spiritual? That such attitudes of discontentment only flow from the spring of ungratefulness that already
exists in my heart?

Facebook, Pinterest and mommy-blogs are simply the means of causing my cup of unthankfulness and discontentment to overflow and spill all over the floor for me and all those around me to see. When this happens, it is not a pretty sight.

So what does it mean to be thankful? How can we cultivate a heart that is thankful? How do we give thanks in everything, even those things that are less-than-desirable? Why is it so hard to be thankful? What are
some practical ideas on how to cultivate thankfulness?

It is these kinds of questions that we at Hearts Refreshed want to consider during the month of November.